Can I Install Climate Control In My Car? (Read This First)

Not all vehicles can have climate control systems installed in them.

If your car does not already have some type of climate control or air conditioning, it may not be possible to install one.

While there are aftermarket climate control systems available, they are not compatible with all types of vehicles, and they need to be installed by a professional.

You should consult your dealer or a mechanic to find out if climate control can be installed in your vehicle.

Here’s How To Find Out If You Can Install Climate Control In The Car

The best way to know if you can install an aftermarket climate control unit in your car is to check with your dealership or an experienced mechanic.

Car without climate control
Car without climate control

A mechanic at the dealership will have specific knowledge of your car and what can be installed on it. They will also be able to make an appointment to install the unit if you choose to do so.

A mechanic may also be able to take a look at your car and its current climate control system to determine if it is possible to install an aftermarket unit.

You can also check with the maker of the unit you have picked out or would like to install. Whether shopping online or in a store, there should be specifications on the packaging of the unit or in the product description that says which makes and models the system can be used on.

If you do not see your vehicle listed as an option, it doesn’t necessarily mean the system will not work with your car, but you should at least discuss the option with a mechanic or someone who has experience with the aftermarket climate control unit.


Can Any Car Take An Aftermarket Climate Control System?

Not all cars can have aftermarket climate control systems installed. Some simply don’t have space for such systems. Others are not wired to run them.

There are also not a lot of different aftermarket climate control systems on the market. Those that are available are usually designed for specific makes and models of vehicles.

The best way to find out if your vehicle can use a certain aftermarket climate control system is to inquire with your dealership. The part supplier may also be able to tell you if the system is compatible with your vehicle.

There are some exceptions, though. If you have a classic car that you want to update, if you are building a car, or if you just have an attachment to your car and have the extra money to spend on it, you may find it beneficial to have an aftermarket climate control system installed.

Can Anyone Install Aftermarket Climate Control?

Car dual zone climate control
Car dual-zone climate control installed

The installation process for climate control can be very tedious and difficult for someone who does not have plenty of automotive training and experience. Not anyone can do it. It’s best to leave it to a professional.

The type of vehicle, its current climate control setup, and the aftermarket part can all determine how much work is required to install the system. If the car is already set up to have a climate control system and you are simply installing a different one, most of the work will be electrical.

Still, there are a lot of sensors that connect to other parts of your car. If they are not connected properly, you could ruin your new climate control unit and other components of your vehicle.

It’s best to take your vehicle to the dealership where you purchased it to ensure an aftermarket climate control system can be installed and to have it done properly.

Keep in mind that installing any type of aftermarket parts on your vehicle could void your warranty. If you are leasing your vehicle, installing any new components may not be an option and could break the terms of your lease.

How Much Does an Aftermarket Climate Control Unit Cost?

The price of an aftermarket climate control unit can vary depending on the type of unit you buy, the type of vehicle you have, and who installs it.

The labor is often more expensive than the unit itself, and if your vehicle is not already equipped with a climate control system, it can be very difficult and costly to have one installed.

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $800 to $2000 for the unit. Labor can also range from $500 to $3,000.

While the aftermarket unit will likely have all the electrical and mechanical components needed for installation, you may need to purchase other things that should be considered in the cost of the project as well. Trim, tools, safety gear, and other supplies to make the job easier.

If you are planning to install a dual-zone or another type of multi-zone climate control unit in a vehicle that doesn’t have vents or controls for such a unit, the labor can be even more extensive and expensive. In addition to the system itself, new control panels, vents, and wiring may need to be installed.

The system will also need to be connected to the computer and other electrical components. Some mechanics may not even have the knowledge or skill needed to do such installations, and some dealerships may refuse to do them.

Final Thoughts

While climate control is a great feature to have in a car, if your car did not come with it already installed, you may not be able to install an aftermarket system. Some vehicles are compatible with aftermarket climate control units, and others are not.

If you find out that your car can use such a unit, you will want to have it installed by a professional. Keep in mind these units and the labor to install them can be expensive, and the work can take some time.

It might be a better option to simply buy a car that has climate control already installed rather than attempt to install an aftermarket climate control system.


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