What To Do When Side Airbags Deploy? (Read First)

We know for a fact that front airbags are some of the standard features that cars should have today because of how important they are when it comes to minimizing injuries during a frontal crash.

However, side crashes can also happen, and that means that side airbags have become features in some cars today. They help minimize injuries if you do end up getting hit from the side.

So, when your side airbags deploy, what do you do?

Here is what to do when side airbags deploy

When your side airbags deploy, you need to look at the situation first and assess it so that you will be able to check for injuries. Make sure that the car is off and that you call a first responder to assist you. If you can and are safe to do so, examine the vehicle but never drive it before a mechanic has checked it.

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Side airbags have become quite useful in today’s modern world because side collisions can be just as dangerous as any other collision.

That said, it is important that you first know what to do regarding your situation when you do end up in a side collision that deployed your airbags. This is to ensure that you and your passengers are safe.


What to do when side airbags deploy?

We all know how important front airbags are because all vehicles are required to have them.

Airbags are great at minimizing any sort of damage occurring from a frontal crash because they act as a cushion that prevents you from jerking forward too much. But then again, there are plenty of other types of crashes that can be just as dangerous.

One such crash is a side collision, which often occurs when a car hits you at the side of an intersection. Even though side collisions are not as common as any other type of collision, they can be just as dangerous because the car hit in a side collision isn’t protected due to the fact that the driver and passengers are not protected by a bumper and are directly exposed to the impact. And the vehicle that collided with you has the luxury of a bumper and a front airbag

This is where side airbags come in handy in other vehicles. Side airbags are great at cushioning you during a side collision, as it is the only protection you may have in such a crash. This is why most side airbags tend to deploy faster in a collision, as they are great at providing you with enough cushioning in some of the harshest side crashes.

But, in case your side airbags deploy, what do you need to do?

Side airbags are just like any other airbags in the sense that there are things that you need to do after they deploy so that you can assess yourself and the safety of the situation.

So, here is what you need to do upon the deployment of your side airbags:

  • Check for injuries first after the side collision. Assess yourself and then your passengers if you do have passengers. 
  • Make sure that the car is turned off and that the engine is not running. A car that is still turned on can be quite dangerous in any kind of crash because the chances of igniting something are higher.
  • After that, make sure that you call your emergency hotline or 9-1-1 if that applies to your location. This is very important if there are injuries or if the crash was serious enough to warrant the assistance of a first responder.
  • In the meantime, you can try to inspect your vehicle if that is possible. Check for any obvious signs of damage, and make sure that you keep your nose active so that you can detect any gas or fluid leak.
  • If your car wasn’t damaged seriously, it is still best to avoid driving it after a side collision. Make sure that you have it towed to the nearest mechanic so that the shop can inspect it and make the necessary repairs. You should only drive your car after it has been inspected by a mechanic because there might be hidden damages that will make it dangerous for you to drive the vehicle.
  • Have the side airbags replaced, if that is possible.

Is a car totaled if side airbags deploy?

The thing about different types of crashes is that they may or may not total your car, depending on the extent of the damage e.g Your car can be totaled if the axle is broken.

In some cases, even if the car isn’t damaged too seriously, your vehicle may still end up getting totaled if the replacement costs of the airbags are too expensive to the point that they are somewhere between 70% and 75% of the car’s total value.

This is why it is much more common for older cars with lower values to get totaled after their airbags are deployed.

But what about side airbags? Is the car declared totaled if the side airbags deploy? And does the same situation apply to side airbags when you talk about whether or not the car is totaled?

It is important to note that side airbags are not mandatory or required in a vehicle. That means that if your side airbags deploy, you are probably still going to be alright driving the vehicle as long as it is not damaged. As such, you may not have to replace your side airbags after they are deployed. So, considering that you don’t have to get them replaced, your car might not get totaled.

Then again, if your side airbags are deployed, that means that your car was damaged considerably enough.

Remember that cars are not protected from the side, and that means that a side collision can cause damage to the vehicle and may even bend the frame.

So, even if your car might not get totaled due to the side airbag replacements, the other repair costs may pile up to the point that they now exceed 70% of the car’s total value. As such, there is a good chance that your car will get totaled in a side collision that forced your side airbags to deploy.

How much does it cost to replace side airbags?

Side airbags, due to their nature, can be more expensive to replace than front airbags.

That is because side airbags use a different system that allows them to deploy faster than front airbags. As such, expect to spend more to replace side airbags.

In most cases, side airbag replacements may cost somewhere around $1,500 to $4,000, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Of course, more expensive vehicles will have airbags that are going to be more expensive as well.


What Should I Do If My Vehicle’s Airbag Deploys?

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