How To Get Bass In A Car Without A Subwoofer? (Solved)

The best way to get bass in your car without a subwoofer is to use an amplifier and isolate the sound system. 

Bass is one of the lowest sound frequencies within music, and most car systems can’t produce it well.

Most car audio systems are cheap and it might be a good idea to replace them.

If you want to know more about how to get a great bass sound, read on!

How To Get Bass In The Car Without An Amplifier?

Getting a good bass sound in your vehicle can be difficult without an amplifier. However, you can get a good sound from a subwoofer if you connect it correctly and purchase the right kind. An active subwoofer is best if you’re trying to get bass without an amplifier. 

car subwoofer enclosure boot

A subwoofer or speaker usually needs an amplifier to produce the bass’s rich, deep, vibrational frequencies.

However, there are ways to emulate this sound, even if it’s not as intense as a bass sound with an amplifier. 

Bass is considered a low-frequency sound. Bass is registered between 20-60Hz and is somewhat difficult for the human ear to hear. The human ear can hear anything between 20Hz-200kHz

According to, a car amplifier increases the power of the car’s manufactured speakers. It increases the volume, depth, and control of the sound.

Small, traditional car speakers usually mask bass. Adding an amplifier and subwoofer boosts the bass and allows the sound to come through. 

Although having both a subwoofer and an amplifier is ideal, there are ways around not using an amplifier. 

The best solution is to use an active subwoofer rather than a passive subwoofer.

The primary differences between these subwoofers are the presence of a built-in amplifier and a self-powered system. 

Although many car and music lovers prefer to buy a separate amplifier, an active subwoofer should produce decent sounds. Most importantly, it should create a rich bass sound that satisfies the listener.

In other words, an active subwoofer doesn’t require an amplifier because it has one built into it. 

How Do I Get Bass From The Factory-Fitted Audio System?


How you get bass from your factory fitter audio system varies based on the age of your vehicle. For most modern cars, altering or removing the stereo system is virtually impossible. However, you can purchase upgrades to enhance your car’s stereo system or modify it manually with the tuning system. 

The first car radio system was made in the 1930s and consisted of a separate radio installed into the car. Although, it wasn’t until the 1960’s that the first tunable radio was installed in cars’ consoles. These tuning systems allowed the driver to alter the level of sound, bass, and base the stereo produced. 

From the 1980s to the early 2000s, these stereos continued to be used in most cars. If you have a vehicle manufactured before 2010, you’ll probably be able to adjust or replace it manually.

You can accomplish this in several ways, including: 

  • Installing a new stereo system with better power systems 
  • Manually adjust the car’s speakers with the tuning system 
  • Manually adjust the car’s equalizers 

Later car stereos are far more compact and typically include several essential features. This includes your car’s navigation systems, stereo, and Bluetooth connection system. If you remove and replace your console, you’ll remove much more than the simple stereo systems. 

You should install upgrades and amplifiers to enhance your car’s systems for the best results. The easiest way to do this is to use an amplifier and subwoofer.

However, if you’re looking for a way to adjust this system without these additions, you’ll need to upgrade your car’s system. 

To improve the car’s fitter systems, you can try some of the following enhancements: 

  • Purchase an upgrade package 
  • Install sound-absorbing mats 
  • Utilize or install satellite radio 
  • Utilize your phone 

One of the major perks of a modern stereo is its ability to connect to your cell phone.

You can use your phone to enhance and modify the sound of your speakers. Even though some modern systems use equalizers, your phone is a more accessible system adjuster. 

There are several upgrade packages available on the market as well. But in these packages, you’ll also find the other features of your car’s console.

This is similar to how you might purchase an upgrade to your car’s stereo in older cars. 

This will allow you to upgrade your car’s stereo while retaining the unique features of your automobile. 

How Do I Get More Bass From Front Door Speakers?

car subwoofer door panel

Isolating and securing door speakers is one of the best ways to enhance the bass sound they produce. Most manufacturer speakers are low quality, and you may need to install a new speaker. You can install amplifiers, isolation systems, and other enhancement tools if you want to improve your system. 

The best ways to enhance the stereo systems you currently have include: 

  • Apply deadening materials or isolation materials to your door 
  • Apply closed cell foam to your car door 
  • Use adhesive rings to prevent vibration 
  • Seal the door sheet metal 
  • Seal the speakers with adhesive rings 

It’s important to remember when using your original speakers that even if you follow these steps, you still might not get the sound you want. The sound will likely lack depth if you use an amplifier and subwoofer with your original speakers. 

Your best bet is to install new speakers in your door with larger cones and more variety or sound production. You won’t get the sound you want if you only install the speakers without further improvements and enhancements. 

Custom Car Audio on YouTube gives a good 5 step plan on how to enhance your car’s door speakers, including: 

  • Utilizing gasket tape 
  • Adding buffering agents such as foam 
  • Increasing adhesion for gaskets and speakers 
  • Ensure your speakers are synchronized 
  • Utilize the built-in tuning tools

These steps aren’t expensive and shouldn’t take long to complete, so we thought they were the best solution. 

What Are Some of the Mistakes That Suppress Bass?


The most common mistake that kills bass is poor setup in your car. Creating an isolated environment where the sounds can echo without disturbance will give you the best experience. Measure and select the subwoofers and amplifiers that fit your car and sound system. 

There are several common mistakes beginners make when installing and choosing their subwoofers and amplifiers.

According to Mark at Car Audio Fabrication, these mistakes include: 

  • Choosing the wrong size device 
  • Research the features of the sound systems
  • Avoid overly powerful systems 
  • Explore what you need from your system
  • Pay attention to input versus output 
  • Get a subwoofer with a box 

Your car’s electrical systems aren’t compatible with every type of amplifier and subwoofer. Check your car’s components and make sure you’re choosing compatible devices. Refer to your car’s manufacturer handbook before buying anything. 

Triple-check that every sound system component is connected to the proper charge. Negative charges should plug into negative outputs and vice versa for positively charged output. 

Some of the most common subwoofers spots include the car’s trunk or the back seats. The trunk is a good spot, but ensure you’re not taking up important space in the vehicle you’d like to use. 

The car’s backseats are also a great spot, but some complain that the subwoofers make the seat uncomfortable. As far as sound goes, however, both spaces are fine. But make sure you consider placement before buying your subwoofer. 

Last, you might want to invest in a tuning device. Some people fiddle with old car equalizers without knowing what they’re doing. Not only can this impede the sound quality, but it can damage your car’s original sound system. 


Getting a decent bass sound from your car’s audio system can be difficult. But we hope this guide helped you solve some of the most common issues. 

Although an amplifier and subwoofer are the easiest ways to enhance bass, they aren’t the only way. Isolating the sound systems and adding deadening material to your car’s door will improve sound quality. 

Consider a sound system guide and your car’s manual before making any purchases! 


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