Can You Put Subwoofers In Car Door (Front & Back Door)

You can install subwoofers in a car’s front or back doors, but it is not the best location for them.

Not only could it damage your car doors, but it could also cause vibration throughout the car and reduce sound quality and loosen your door panels.

Can You Install Subwoofers In A Car’s Front Or Back Door?

The dimensions and space in every car are different. A subwoofer can be installed on the floor panels of your car but we recommend against it. Subwoofers need air behind them to produce rich bass which is why they are usually housed and deep enclosures, the door panels don’t have much space at the back to produce rich bass. Also, they could damage the door panels due to strong vibrations.

car subwoofer door panel

There are a number of tricky things to do when it comes to installing the subwoofer in a car door, which is why professionals won’t suggest it. Moreover, the technicians charge too much to install it in a car door.

Any sound system, including your car’s subwoofer, is designed to produce bass.

A subwoofer is always used in the sound system of people who enjoy music with higher bass. Due to their large internal volume, larger enclosures produce larger bass.

It is therefore necessary for people to give up a certain amount of space in their car when installing larger enclosures in their cars, which they cannot access until they remove the subwoofer.

Clearly, a subwoofer requires a larger space for peak performance and bass depth as intended by the music composer.

The subwoofer is used by people who want to hear every beat of their music and need extra bass in their car.

Car doors are not able to accommodate subwoofers with larger enclosures. Therefore, it is usually impossible to select the car’s door when installing subwoofers.


Will Installing A Subwoofer In A Car Door Produce Sufficient Bass?


Any sound system, including your car’s subwoofer, is designed to produce bass. Subwoofers are always used in sound systems by people who prefer music with high bass. A larger enclosure produces a larger bass due to its ability to store a large volume of air.

Sound systems need to be installed and created creatively. A good sound system in your car can be developed with fewer appliances if you’re creative and knowledgeable about speakers and subwoofers.

If that is the case, then you need to be creative in order to design the perfect door panel for your car.

Consequently, the panel has good bass and sound quality. The door panel of your car serves as an enclosure for your subwoofer and speakers when you install them in the door panel. The door panel also provides a better bass due to its proximity to the enclosure.

Will It Be Cheaper To Install Subwoofers In A Car Door?

The installation of subwoofers within doors is not necessarily cheaper. The cost may even be higher in some cases.

Subwoofers can be installed much easier in a car trunk or under a seat. The subwoofers can be tricky to fit inside the doors. In general, you will need a smaller subwoofer, so you will save money on the subwoofer itself. However, the installation might be more costly.

It is impossible to install subwoofers in car doors that have diaphragms of six inches to twelve inches.

Subwoofers must be smaller if they are to be installed in car doors. The size of smaller subwoofers can be as small as 2 inches or as large as 4 inches. Subwoofers of this type are readily available on the market.

Will Installing A Subwoofer In A Car Door Damage The Door?


The subwoofer could cause damage to your door if it is not installed correctly. There is a possibility that it is too large and too heavy for the door. There is still a chance that the vibrations from the bass will cause problems even if you install the subwoofer correctly.

In cars that don’t have a soundproofing system installed, the car’s body panels often become resonant speaker parts as a result of a subwoofer. Furthermore, cars are essentially metal shells that reflect and trap sound waves.

Therefore, the car starts vibrating and rattling in certain areas, especially the panels. Resonating windows and objects shake whenever the frequencies are close to or equal to their natural frequencies. Buzzing sounds can be heard in conjunction with the sound of the subwoofer.

When the car’s resonant frequency is reached, no matter how low the sound pressure, the car’s components will vibrate alongside the loudspeaker. You can induce vibrations in your vehicle’s surrounding areas by adjusting the volume produced by your sub.

The chassis of a car is usually screwed down to the panels, etc. The vibrations from your subwoofer can nevertheless affect these panels if you run them too loud. Vibrations with high frequency will cause the panels to hit the car’s chassis. The screws will become loose over time if this is repeated continuously for a long time.

A subwoofer equipped with such a mounting bolt and plastic tab vibrates together with the car’s body panels.

A mounting bolt or screw may become loose when they hit their resonant frequency frequently. Your vehicle may be damaged as a result of subwoofers.

Vehicles with multiple subwoofers or large subwoofers will require dampening of the body panels to prevent vibrations and noise. As noise- and vibration-absorbing dampeners, these dampeners serve this purpose.

The panels of your doors, screws, and bolts will remain intact as the vibrational waves are absorbed by your subwoofers.

What Is The Best Place To Place A Subwoofer In A Car?

car subwoofer pair boot

Low-frequency sounds are amplified and reproduced by subwoofers. A car’s trunk is usually the place where they are installed to amplify bass sounds. Vehicles’ interiors are often damaged by improperly placed subwoofers.

It is important to know where to place the subwoofer in your car in order to avoid potential problems.

Several subwoofer locations can be found in some cars. It depends on the size and design of the vehicle, as well as the type of music being played, which determines the best place for a subwoofer in a car.

Generally, under the seat is the best place for a subwoofer if you are playing music with high bass. However, if you’re mostly playing light genres, place it near your feet if you’re playing mostly them.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t have any other area in your car to put your subwoofers, installing them in the doors may be an option. If you can avoid it though, it will help save your car and could improve your car’s audio. If you do decide to install a subwoofer in your car doors, make sure it is installed properly.


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