How To Turn On And Off Working Subwoofer In Car? (Solved)

Like any equipment in a car, the subwoofer also needs to be powered on and off depending on your need.

Switching devices off can save unnecessary power drain and also for safety purposes.

There are several ways to turn on and off a subwoofer in your car.

Here are some more tips to help you determine how and when to turn off the power to your subwoofer.

Here’s How To Turn On / Off The Subwoofer In Car?

If the subwoofer has a power switch, you can flip it manually. Remote controls are also available for some subwoofers, so switching them on and off is easy. Subwoofers can also be wired into a system, so they switch off automatically with the car. You can also choose to wire the subwoofer into your car with a switch that can be installed on or near your dash so you can simply switch it off whenever you turn off your car and exit it. 

car subwoofer enclosure boot

Depending on the model of your car, some subwoofers have separate switches that let you turn them off and on independently. These switches are not available on all subwoofers. Subwoofers can be equipped with switches if you wish. 

Subwoofer switches can be purchased online and in most automotive and electronics stores.

Subwoofers that do not have their own switches can have power switches installed, but it is better to simply install the switch so it can turn off power to the full system, including the amplifier. 

If the subwoofer does not have its own power switch, it likely doesn’t draw power on its own when the car is turned off.

The amp, however, may still draw power. If the subwoofer has an amplifier inside it, there should be a power switch. 

If there is no switch and you need to turn it off, you can always disconnect the wires and cap them (provided it is safe to do so). 

This is not recommended as a way to switch on and off the subwoofer regularly, but it can work if you need to work on the car or need to move things around and don’t want to risk an electric shock.


How To Lower The Subwoofer Output In The Car?


If your subwoofer has too much output, it could be too loud, and it could be pulling too much power. You may need to turn down the volume and reduce the vibration.

This could drain your battery and cause problems with the other electronic component in your car. Installing bass traps in the corners of the music room is the best way to reduce subwoofer vibration. 

Ideally, vibrations should be trapped by a 6-inch thick barrier. Those living in an apartment lower than yours may not be able to hear the difference between the bass traps and bass traps if the speakers are on the floor. To determine whether vibrations are reduced, you can add more traps.

Subwoofer vibration can be reduced by lifting the subwoofer a few inches off the floor. Through this, vibrations will be lessened on the floor, and the car will no longer produce loud breaking sounds, as well as causing no disruption to the neighbors. 

In addition, an isolated pad is a perfect place for the subwoofer. Amazon and online stores sell a number of isolated pads in a variety of shapes. If you want to avoid vibrations hitting the floor, choose a shape that matches the shape of your subwoofers.

Setting up your bass level is another way to do this. Setting up your bass level is one way to do this. In order to fill in the base, lower the subwoofer volume to 0 and then slowly increase it to the point where it begins to fill in the subwoofers. 

How Can I Temporarily Disconnect The Subwoofer In The Car?

For reasons such as car maintenance, hauling items in your trunk, or other reasons, you might need to temporarily remove your subwoofers. 

Disconnect the speaker wires so that they don’t short if you intend to reconnect the subwoofer after temporarily disconnecting it, and then tape or cap them so that they won’t short. 

A head unit can be configured to disable the sub-output, so the wires won’t carry any signal. 

Wires would be protected from overheating and shorting by this method. It can be safely stored once it has been disconnected from the system. By rolling up the wires and placing them out of the way, you can protect them. 

Does The Subwoofer Drain Battery Even When The Car Is Switched Off?


A car battery slowly drains if it isn’t running and power is being pulled from it. 

An uncharged battery can be completely drained by a subwoofer within an hour or even several days, depending on its size. 

Your car battery can discharge if it receives more power from an alternator than it sends out. Car stereo systems with subwoofers and amplifiers generally draw a higher amount of current than those with normal speakers. 

In order for a subwoofer to play bass frequencies, it needs more power.

Subwoofers don’t drain batteries, so don’t worry about that. In the absence of use, the subwoofer will not drain its battery. 

You will need to turn off the power switch on the internal amplifier if your subwoofer has one. Left on overnight, it will draw power from your car battery and could drain it. 

Switching off the amp and subwoofer can be easier with a remote control.

Will I Save Car Battery Power If I Switch Off The Subwoofer?

When the car is off, turn off your subwoofer if it has a power switch. There are systems that can be wired into the system so that they turn off automatically when the ignition is turned off, and other systems that must be turned off manually every time the ignition is turned off. 

Your subwoofer can also be turned off using a remote control. 

Due to this, the woofer is dependent on a battery charge to operate. Furthermore, battery drain could be a problem due to the woofer’s power an amplifier’s power.

The situation could even worsen if the car battery is used to power the subwoofer and the engine is shut off. It would drain the car battery much faster and take a tremendous toll on it. 

When the engine of the vehicle is running, the alternator charges a car battery. The battery cannot be charged when the engine is off. 

Even when the car is off, and there is no power coming from the alternator, the subwoofer will drain the battery quickly.

Will Turning On And Off The Subwoofer In The Car Damage It?

If you do not turn the subwoofer on or off unnecessarily or excessively, you should not damage your car. It may even last longer if you turn it off. 

Your only concern may be wear and tear on the power switch. A replacement should be easy and affordable if this occurs. 

You can save time by using a remote to turn on and off your subwoofer instead of using a switch. 

A subwoofer can also be wired into your car so that it turns off when the car is turned off or goes into standby when the engine is turned off. 

You can also save your battery by turning on and off your subwoofer.

Final Thoughts

Not all subwoofers have a power switch that makes it easy to turn them off and on.

If you do need to cut the power to your subwoofer, there are a few different ways to do so.

It’s up to you to determine which one works best for your car and your audio system.


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