Why Is The Subwoofer Of My Car Quiet? (6 Reasons Solved)

We install multiple accessories in our car to make our driving experience top-notch. The most important accessories for the music-lovers are the speaker or stereo accessories.

One of them is the subwoofer of the car which produces rich bass and completes the music-listening experience. A person spends a lot of money installing a subwoofer in the car.

But what happens if subwoofers start giving you trouble and go quiet? Are you, too, facing troubles with the subwoofers of your car?

Read the article to understand why it is happening and how you can mitigate this issue. 

Why is my car’s subwoofer quiet?

Car subwoofers can be quiet for numerous reasons and so it is advisable to conduct a diagnosis before coming to any conclusions. Some reasons could be simple where the audio system settings are muted at the head unit e.g bass settings are muted. There could also be other power-related reasons such as the subwoofer not getting enough power from the amplifier or the car audio battery.

car subwoofer pair boot
Car subwoofer pair in car boot

Subwoofers are part of your audio system that plays low-frequency sounds in the car, however, if you cannot hear these low-frequency beats or sounds, there is a possibility of something is wrong with your car’s subwoofer.

There can be several circumstances in which this can happen, such as the ones mentioned below.

1. Muted subwoofer

Sometimes, the subwoofer gets muted by mistake in the head unit settings.

This can be sorted by changing the controls of the car’s stereo in the audio setup option of the car.

You can also check the audio setting on the car amplifier as some aftermarket amplifiers come with that option.

You can ensure that your subwoofer is not muted and is at one full or most adequate volume. 

2. No low-frequency sounds in the song

Sometimes, a person might play a song with no low-frequency sounds in it.

They might feel that something is wrong with their subwoofer when the problem is actually related to the media that is playing.

In such a case, you can play a song in which you are sure there are low-frequency sounds or you can play test files to ensure that your subwoofer is working efficiently. 

3. Speaker settings

Check for the speaker and volume settings once to ensure that the subwoofer’s volume is loudest or according to your preference. 

4. Wrong frequency

The subwoofer’s frequency should match with the rest of the woofers; if there isn’t a proper synchronization, the sound quality will be poor or distorted. 

5. Battery issues

There might be some issues with your car’s audio battery due to which the subwoofer is not getting appropriate power.

You should get the battery health and power levels once to ensure this is not the case. 

6. Lack of sufficient power

If sufficient power is not being provided to the subwoofer, it will not be able to give effective sound results.

Thus, it is important to ensure that the subwoofer gets the requisite levels of power for proper working. 


How can I make my car’s subwoofer sound louder?

car subwoofer enclosure boot
Subwoofer enclosure in a boot of a car

Only after acknowledging the real problem can you address it to enhance the quality of voice provided by your subwoofer.

To make your car’s subwoofer louder, you can follow some of the practices mentioned below. 

  • Ensure that the amplifier you are using works well with your subwoofer. You also need to find the amplifier’s correct power output and integrate it with the subwoofer correctly to get the best sound quality. 
  • You can get a bandpass box for your car. They help maximize your music system’s sound output, especially subwoofers. However, you should buy only the bandpass box, which is compatible with your subwoofer. 
  • You should learn to adjust the settings of your amplifier and subwoofer best. Adjusting the settings adequately will offer you the best music experience altogether. 
  • Always check your subwoofer before making any changes to any other equipment or settings changes. If you feel that your subwoofer is not making requisite vibrations even on low-frequency sounds, there might be issues with your subwoofer, and thus amplifier or stereo setting won’t help the problem.

How can I test my subwoofer bass?

Car head unit speaker tone settings
Car head unit speaker tone settings

The primary method of checking your subwoofer’s bass is playing songs with heavy bass on your car’s stereo. If you can feel the vibrations and the power of the bass in the song, it means that your subwoofer bass is accurate. 

Apart from this, you can also check the bass using apps on your mobile phone.

Some apps help you test the bass frequency sweep within 300 Hz to 1Hz. You just need to turn on the music in your car and switch on the app on your phone, and it will analyze the bass levels and give you the frequency. A good bass level is somewhere between -12 to +12 Hz. 

Check your subwoofer by playing test tones, you can get these from your aftermarket car audio manufacturer e.g Kicker audio have these test tone for your to download

Besides these methods, you can test the bass of your subwoofer with the help of an amplifier, oscilloscope, or multimeter, but only if you have complete knowledge of using this equipment. 

How do I know my subwoofer is blown?

Sundown audio subwoofer
Sundown audio subwoofer

Apart from the most prominent factor- that the sound quality of the subwoofer worsens, other indicators can help you analyze if your subwoofer is blown or not. 

Before purchasing, you should check the warranty of the subwoofer. You should know the company or the brand, and if it is reliable. You should also check the material using which the subwoofer is made to ensure its durability. 

After using it, you should look for any issues with the subwoofer. The most common issues include problems in the cone or the coil. If you identify a problem, you should get your subwoofer checked and replaced if necessary. 

Also, you should try to keep your subwoofer safe from spillage of any liquid or heavy material. If such an incident happens, you should get your subwoofer checked. With the help of a professional, you can get your subwoofer repaired or exchanged for free (if it is still in warranty). 

Check this great article to learn how speakers can get wet.

Final Words

The best and first step to ensure that your subwoofer never causes any trouble for you or your car is to purchase the best quality subwoofer.

This should be done only with expert guidance and proper research to get the best results possible. Having a long-term warranty is a plus.

Do not act hastily when you feel that the subwoofer installed in your car is not giving the desired results. Identify the root causes of the problem, mentioned in this article and try to mitigate it on your own.

However, if you still can’t find a solution, the option of getting a repair or exchange is always there! 


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