Why Do My Car Speakers Crackle At High Volume? (Solved)

Nothing is more annoying than having your music or movie interrupted by sounds that aren’t in the background.

This frequently manifests as a crackling sound coming from one of your speakers.

You understand how annoying it can be if you’ve ever experienced a similar problem. You want it to be fixed right away.

But first, you need to comprehend why it occurred.

Why Do My Car Speakers Pop Or Crackle At High Volume?

A loose or unclean connection or interrupting electrical current (audio signals) causes the speaker to pop and crackle. Current interruption is the main reason, while not having a proper ground is also a reason for the car speaker’s popping and cracking.

Car door speaker wire connection
Car door speaker wire connection

A loose connection between the speaker and the amplifier is the major cause of automobile speaker crackling.

Additionally, when a speaker is powered by an amplifier that is too loud, the voice coils try to push the cone past its limit, which causes it to crackle.

Another factor can be damage to the voice coil. Numerous methods exist for doing it.

The coil, for instance, is broken and frayed. You might hear a crackling sound when the speaker is turned on if the voice coils are out of alignment since this could cause the magnets and speaker coils to spark.

After a while, you should check the wiring in the car and the cable section next to the door’s corner.

Additionally, the speaker may be making weird noises because its speaker wire is of poor quality and readily wears and tears, rather than because it has a broken wire.


Why Do My Car Speakers Pop Or Crack At Low Volume?

Bang & Olufsen car door panel speakers
Bang & Olufsen car door panel speakers

A connectivity issue is nearly often to blame for speaker crackling.

A faulty connection between your amplifier and speaker driver is causing the driver to move erratically and generating interference.

Dirty or rusted terminals are a further typical problem.

The wire connections to the speaker are made at the terminals, which are tiny metal contact points. These may rust with time or end up clogged with muck.

This may result in a variety of issues, including crackling noises.

Other possible causes of the noise emanating from your speakers at low volumes are listed below.

  • Despite being off, your stereo can still be receiving electricity
  • Problems with the grounding of wiring
  • The engine’s noise
  • New amplifier interference
  • Noisy or loose patch wires
  • Spread of static noise

How Do I Fix My Car Speakers Crackling At High And Low Volume?

Left door car speaker installed
Left door car speaker installed

Checking the wire connections between the amplifier and the car speaker’s actual terminals is the first step in repairing a crackling speaker.

Something has likely come loose if the wire has previously been moved about a lot. As a result, you should check on the connections even if there isn’t a valid cause for them to change. 

The problematic speakers in the automobile should have been discovered during your check for car speaker repair.

If the problem just affects one speaker, your stereo’s amp or channel outputs are probably not the cause.

Here is a great article to diagnose and identify the faulty speaker.

Check your amp outputs and channel settings if the noises come from numerous speakers because they might be driving the speakers with too much current, which would result in the popping sound.

If you discover while repairing your car speakers that the popping sound is only coming from one speaker, it is probably the case that this particular speaker has a broken wire or connection.

Simply remove the speaker using your tools, and then look for mechanical issues with the connecting wires on the bottom.

To ensure that this is not providing feedback over the channel, check the connecting clamps, the sound equalization, and the amp settings.

If you’ve examined it and everything appears to be in working condition, a solder may have malfunctioned and has to be repaired.

If this is the case, you should possibly contact a professional to have a look at it, depending on your skill set, as it becomes a complex job from that point on.

The simplest way to address this if you determined that the second problem was the root of the crackling is to buy a ground loop isolator.

The ground loop isolator is extremely simple to use, adds to the single path, and is reasonably priced.

It will function to disrupt the DC circuit path for the audio shield ground circuit, enabling the connection to proceed and preventing interference from your cigarette charger with the AUX cord. 

After cleaning and inspecting the connections, it’s conceivable that the speaker itself is the problem if your car speakers are still crackling.

You’ll have to get a new speaker in this situation. Replacement speakers are available online or at the majority of car parts retailers.

Check these steps on how to replace your speaker.

Try attaching a different speaker of the same grade to that channel if the popping noise persists after checking and repairing all wires and connections.

Replace your speaker if the alternative speaker doesn’t exhibit the same audio problem.

If the speaker you’re testing also makes popping noises, you may have a problem with the speaker channel’s wire harnesses or a more serious issue with your amplifier or audio system as a whole.

In this case, you should probably have a technician examine your system.


Although installing new speakers is very straightforward, we advise having your car serviced by a qualified mechanic if you’re not sure of your DIY abilities.

They’ll be able to quickly and expertly install the new speakers so you can listen to your music uninterrupted.


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