Where Is The Odometer? (Guide For Tesla, Prius, BMW, Jeep)

The odometer is very much one of the most important instruments on any vehicle because of how it allows you to tell the car’s overall mileage.

This becomes more important if you are planning on selling your car because buyers will more than likely base their decision mainly on the mileage.

Nevertheless, different car models tend to have different dashboards, and this becomes even more apparent in a lot of the more modern cars today.

So, where is the odometer in a Tesla, Prius, BMW, and Jeep?

The odometer on a Tesla car can be found by swiping left below the car icon on your touchscreen. In a Prius, you can access the odometer by pressing the “trip” button on the steering wheel. For a BMW, press the BC button repeatedly. Finally, you can find the odometer on a jeep right in the bottom center of the instrument cluster.

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Different types of instrument clusters are designed differently depending on the brand and model of the car.

Now, as modern cars are using digital instrument clusters, it becomes even more difficult to look for the odometer on your dashboard.

That is why we are here to help you how to spot your odometer on a Tesla, Prius, BMW, or Jeep.

Where is the odometer on Tesla?

Electronic vehicles are now becoming more popular as more and more people are beginning to see how beneficial it is to use electric cars instead of using vehicles powered by fossil fuel.

In that case, Tesla has become the leader of the electronic vehicle industry thanks to how advanced its tech is and how efficient its cars are.

When you step inside a Tesla vehicle, you would immediately see the futuristic yet minimalistic feel of the car itself.

The entire dashboard is empty except for a touchscreen pad that is located right smack at the center of the dashboard.

This pad basically has all of the different controls you need to operate the different instruments of the car.

In that sense, because there is no traditional dash on a Tesla vehicle, you might not know where you can find the car’s odometer.

So, as we said, basically all of the different instruments on a Tesla can be controlled by using the touchscreen pad.

This pad streamlines everything and shows most of the tools you need on a regular basis while you are driving such as the GPS, speedometer, and tachometer.

However, the odometer will not appear on the screen because it isn’t something that drivers use on a regular basis throughout their usual drives.

In that case, you can access the odometer on a Tesla by tinkering with the touchscreen pad.

You can easily find the odometer by looking for the instruments on the bottom left of the screen right underneath the car icon on the pad.

Swipe left repeatedly until you see the car’s odometer, which won’t become apparent right away because it doesn’t say “odometer”.

However, it becomes clear that it is the odometer once you understand what all of those different numbers mean.

Where is the odometer on Prius?

For a very long time, the Toyota Prius has been the top name when it comes to hybrid cars because of the very fact that it actually does pretty well when it comes to how efficient and effective it is at helping you save fuel.

And because the Prius has been around for quite a while, it has also seen a huge evolution in the way it is designed.

While older Prius models tend to use traditional dashboards that display the usual instruments such as the speedometer, tachometer, and odometer, newer ones tend to be more advanced and techier.

As such, it can be difficult to spot the odometer, which is something that most of the newer car models don’t show right away because it isn’t that important for everyday driving.

So, where can you find the odometer on a Prius?

If you want to find the odometer on your Prius, look for the “Trip” button that can be found on your steering wheel.

This button will show you the different trips on your dashboard so that you can easily find the total mileage of your car.

Pressing this button will show you Trip A, Trip B, and your current trip until you can see the odometer.

So, basically, the “Trip” button on your Prius shows you the different distances you traveled on your car and will even show you how long you have left before your car runs out empty.

This makes the odometer on a Prius quite useful because it doesn’t merely show you the car’s total mileage but will also show you different values that can be important for you to take note of.

Where is the odometer on BMW?

BMW has long been one of the leaders when it comes to luxury cars because of how expensive, powerful, and luxuriously beautiful BMW cars are.

To make sure that they stay updated with the times, most BMW cars nowadays are now quite advanced to the point that they have dashboards that look futuristic and may even make you feel like you are in a spaceship or something.

However, like most of the other modern models nowadays, the odometer will not immediately show up once you start up your BMW car because of the very fact that, as mentioned, the odometer is not something that drivers often look at while they are driving.

As such, most car manufacturers would rather show you the more important instruments on a car’s digital dashboard instead of the odometer, which car owners only look at when they need to know the car’s mileage for different reasons such as for oil change or maintenance.

In that sense, it can be quite difficult to spot the odometer on a BMW because of how it’s not really something that will immediately show up on the screen. However, you can change the different widgets on your BMW’s screen so that you can show the odometer on the screen on a regular basis.

A lot of BMW models actually show the odometer on the screen before you turn the car’s engine on. However, once you put the car in the drive-ready state, the odometer will disappear from the screen.

But you can still access the odometer by looking for the BC button, which can be found on the left-hand side of your steering wheel.

Pressing the BC button repeatedly will show you the journey data widget, which shows you your car’s total mileage.

You can reset the journey data widget by long-pressing the BC button.

But this will not reset your total mileage and will only reset the data of your last journey.

And once you switch off your car, the odometer will once again show up on the screen.

Where is the odometer on Jeep?

Meanwhile, unlike most of the other cars in this article, Jeep vehicles will most likely show the odometer on the screen by default.

This means that most Jeep vehicles tend to stay close in touch with the traditional dashboard and will show you your odometer unless you toggle with the different settings that may make the odometer disappear.

For one, there are some cases where turning the cruise control function on will make the odometer on the screen disappear to make way for the cruise control system.

In some cases, turning on the MPH alert will also make the odometer disappear to make way for another system to take some space on the screen.

So, if you want to make sure that your odometer is always visible on your Jeep’s dashboard, what you need to do is to disengage cruise control or remove the MPH alert.

Doing so will more than likely show your odometer on the dashboard on the screen without having to toggle different buttons and functions just to see your Jeep’s total mileage.


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