Why Is My Brake Pedal Making Clicking Noise? (Answered)

One of the most important components of the entire brake system is the brake pedal because stepping on the pedal is what allows the entire system to work on demand. This is why you need to watch out for how well the brake pedals perform by feeling it out and listening to whatever odd sounds it might be making.

But what if the brake pedal is making odd noises that are not normal? Why is the brake pad making certain noises, such as clicking sounds?

Here’s why your brake pedal is making clicking noise

Brake pedals may make clicking and rattling sounds due to loose components that can end up damaging the entire brake system. However, there are some cases where the clicking sound is normal when you step on the pedal because this is simply the relay for the brake light switch working.


The thing you need to know about brake pedals is that there are times when certain sounds may be normal and when they are not. It depends on a lot of different factors. That is why you need to also look at whether or not the entire brake system is working well so that you can tell if the problem with the clicking noises is normal or is caused by some underlying problem with the brakes.

Why is my brake pedal making a clicking noise?

The brake system is a complex mechanical system that relies on a lot of different components to work properly. Of course, one of the most important components is the brake pedal itself, which is found under the driver’s seat and should be stepped on whenever the driver wants the car to come to a full stop on demand.

Your car’s brake pedal is so important because this is what jumpstarts the entire brake system. By stepping on the pedal, the vacuum booster multiplies the pressure you applied on the brake pedal and will send brake fluid to the brake caliper, which would then clamp the wheels in place so that the car will stop. Essentially, the brake works on demand when you step on the pedal.

As important as the brake pedal is, it is vital that you make sure that you try to notice any differences in the way the pedal works. This includes it making all sorts of different sounds that you might think are not normal. In some cases, you might even notice a clicking sound whenever you step on the brake pedal.

So, why is it that the pedal is making those clicking noises?

When the brake pedal is making clicking noises, what you need to know is that this can be completely normal, or this can be a sign that there is something going on with your brake system and that it needs to be addressed.

The reason why clicking noises in the brake pedal can be normal whenever you step on it is due to the fact that stepping on the brake pedal also allows the brake pedal switch to work.

Your car’s brake pedal switch is what essentially signals the brake lights to work and sends out a signal to the car’s ECU that you stepped on the brake. The switch will be engaged when you step on the brake.

So, the brake pedal switch makes clicking noises because of how it simply does so by design. There are some instances where the relay is making that sound whenever you step on the brake pedals, as the relay allows the brake light switch to work.

But there are also some instances where that is not by design. In some cases, the noise is coming from the metal plunger rod from the pedals. These plungers will press against a plastic cup that is designed to take the pressure from the adjustable mechanisms in the pedals.

It should be a worn item that is designed to be disposable, but the sound that it makes whenever the plungers press against it can be annoying yet normal.

Meanwhile, if you notice that the clicking noises do not come from the brake pedal per se but come from outside the car but only happen when you step on the brake, this could mean that there is something wrong with the brake system.

There could be some loose parts and components that are making those clicking noises whenever you step on the brake. That means that the cause of these noises can vary depending on how damaged your brakes are and on which parts are damaged.

So, if you want to know if your brake pedal is making clicking noises due to a problem with the brake system, it is best to look at some other symptoms and problems with the pedal. 

How should I know that my brake pedal is damaged?

As mentioned, for you to know if there are problems with the brake pedal or the entire brake system, it is best to make observations regarding the system and try to watch out for other symptoms of a damaged brake system.

Try to feel the brake pedal. If you notice that the pedal is either squishier or tougher, then that could mean that there might be something wrong with the parts and components that are connected to the pedal. But it could also mean that the problem is in relation to the brake calipers found in the wheels.

Also, try to check if your car is not braking as well as it should or used to be. These clicking noises might come from loose or damaged parts and components found in the entire brake system and not just in the brake pedals.

What should you do if you feel the brake pedal makes weird noise?

If you have a good reason to believe that your brake pedal or the entire brake system is damaged and that the damage is what is causing the clicking noises, the only thing that you can do is to take your car to the mechanic to have it checked.

There are some cases where mechanics will say that it is normal for them to see people bring in cars that have clicking problems with the brake pedal. In some cases, the problem can be normal or simply a minor issue. However, it also is not rare for the problem to be tied to the entire brake system, such as when a loose or damaged part needs to be replaced.


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