What Is A Bluetooth Car Speaker? (Explained For Beginners)

Bluetooth connectivity has progressively entered our daily lives in recent years. It is widely used to play music and make hands-free phone calls.

And when we’re driving, we want to enjoy these things. It is much simpler to talk on the phone while driving.

In this article, we shall look at what a Bluetooth car speaker is.

Here’s What A Bluetooth Car Speaker Is

A Bluetooth car speaker is a speaker that can pair and connect to a Bluetooth device such as a smartphone and play music, and take hands-free calls while you are driving. A Bluetooth speaker is a great addition to your audio system if you don’t want to modify your existing head unit or your car doesn’t allow you to do so. Usually, Bluetooth car speakers are portable so you can bring them with you.

A6 Audio Bluetooth

To link to other devices, none of them needs radio waves. An unstable FM frequency is always beaten by a Bluetooth speaker’s crystal-clear, sharp, static-free sound.

Active speakers, including Bluetooth speakers, tend to be extremely similar.

The main difference is that now, instead of the traditional wired connection, audio is transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth but they do need to be powered up. The speakerphone receives audio from the mobile device over Bluetooth when connected, and due to them being active speakers, they are much more powerful. 

Drivers can communicate on their cell phones while driving a car equipped with a Bluetooth speaker. You can hear and listen without touching the phone or using the earpiece.

Each speaker user needs a distinct function from their speaker, and Bluetooth speakers have several features to choose from.

People who use Bluetooth speakers can converse while driving safely and still adhere to all local regulations. It is similar to how a cell phone works in speaker mode but with considerably better sound.


How Does A Bluetooth Car Speaker Work?

Audio A6 Phone pair

The Bluetooth system uses short-range, low-power transmitters to transmit and receive data using radio waves. When you get in, your smartphone will be recognized by a Bluetooth-equipped vehicle, and a “pairing request” will be sent. 

The Bluetooth interface on this device allows you to access your phone’s contacts, messages, music, and maps. Since Bluetooth can only communicate over extremely short distances, when you arrive at your destination and get out of the car, then you will be disconnected.

Bluetooth speakers can wirelessly receive digital audio over the Bluetooth system when linked with a Bluetooth-enabled digital audio device. Each loudspeaker works: a digital audio signal or an alternating current travels through the driver, causing the diaphragm to move proportionally.

When the diaphragm moves, it pushes and pulls the air around it, creating sound waves that resemble the AC voltage form of an audio signal. The vast majority of loudspeaker drivers are “moving-coil dynamic” or electrodynamic.

The audio signal is transmitted by this coil using electromagnetic induction. It induces a corresponding magnetic field both within and outside of it.

The coil and diaphragm vibrate due to the interaction between the variable magnetic field and the permanent magnetic field produced by the magnet in the conductor.

As a result, sound waves generated by the driver reflect the supplied audio signal. Nearly all Bluetooth speakers allow you to listen to music from compatible devices without having tangled connections. With voice activation, you can take a call or send a text message. 

Can You Use A Bluetooth Speaker In A Car?

To conduct hands-free calls and listen to music with excellent sound quality, you can use a Bluetooth speaker in your car.

Due to their superb sound quality, these speakers make listening to audio a musical pleasure and can make the trip interesting. However, these speakers have developed and are now capable of much more than just playing music and making phone calls.

As you may expect, Bluetooth speakers have a wide range of features. Therefore, whether a Bluetooth speaker will satisfy your demands will depend on its qualities. The qualities listed below are a few to look for in a Bluetooth speaker:

Voice Prompts

A voice prompt feature is available on some Bluetooth speakers, which is highly practical and offers a hands-free experience.

You can make or receive calls without touching buttons with the Voice Prompt feature. 

Night Mode

For those who often make calls while driving at night, Night Mode is a great feature.

The blinking light is disabled in Night Mode so that it won’t distract you while driving.

Noise Cancellation

Investing in a Bluetooth speaker with noise cancellation capabilities may be smart if you frequently drive on a noisy road.

As fewer noises are heard on the other end of the phone line when using this feature, it is particularly helpful when you are on a call.

Automatic Wake And Pair

As you enter the car, the Bluetooth speaker is instantly turned on thanks to the Wake and Pair feature.

Additionally, the speaker is immediately turned off when you leave your car.

Which Bluetooth Speaker Is Good For The Car?

Choosing one from the many portable Bluetooth devices available on the market can occasionally be confusing. Here are a few of the options that are the best to use in your car:

VeoPulse Car Speakerphone

The VeoPulse Bluetooth speaker is an excellent choice, and its small size makes it easy to carry everywhere.

You can fully avoid using your hands by using this portable speaker, which is lightweight and convenient to take anywhere, and it also supports Google Voice and Siri.

Jabra Freeway

Another great Bluetooth speaker is the Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speaker, largely due to its portability and simplicity to install in your car.

It has a superb built-in dual microphone and exceptional sound quality. This implies that you can make and take calls hands-free, and the other person will be able to hear you even in noise.

Motorola Roadster Pro

Due to its high level of functionality, the Motorola Roadster Pro is unmistakably a result of the brand’s significant market expertise.

The addition of four microphones allows the sound to be clearly audible in all directions.

What Alternative Bluetooth Options Do I Have?

If you are unable to use Bluetooth Speakers for whatever reason and would like to add that functionality, you still have the option to add an amplifier that comes with Bluetooth capability.

The Bluetooth amplifier in this instance works like a Bluetooth receiver and outputs sound from your existing speakers, with seamless integration.

Your existing head unit output goes into your Bluetooth Amplifiers speaker level input and everything still functions as it was before but with better sound.

This way you can not only improve the sound of your car audio but also add Bluetooth capability which automatically includes hands-free if you connect your smartphone.

Here is a great article to learn more about Car Speakers and Car Amplifiers.

In Conclusion

Drivers who are found using a cell phone or a similar device are subject to a $50 fine, according to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. The biggest plus of a Bluetooth speaker is its portability, which makes it simple to talk hands-free on the phone.

You can quickly and conveniently listen to music or take a call on a Bluetooth speaker whenever and wherever you like.