Can You Upgrade Your Sound System In A Hybrid Or Electric Car? (Explained)

Hybrid and electric cars can be upgraded with sound systems, but the process differs from other cars.

In these cars or trucks, the electrical system is more than adequate for powering subwoofers or amplifiers, but you must choose components that are designed for electric or hybrid vehicles.

Your vehicle can be transformed with a variety of upgrades and accessories.

Find Out If You Can Upgrade Your Sound System In A Hybrid Or Electric Car?

Yes, you can upgrade your sound system in a hybrid or electric car but it comes with a compromise. Factory audio systems are carefully spaced and are subject to their performance by their weight and cost, as is the case with most new cars and trucks. Fuel economy, braking, acceleration, and handling could be negatively affected by your sound system’s power consumption and weight.

EV charging dashboard showing 100K mileage remaining

That means the manufacturers of electric and hybrid cars aren’t willing to sacrifice other features for the sake of an audio system.

It is important to choose the right audio system and the right person to install it if you want to improve your vehicle’s audio while preserving its electrical system.

In order to make adding amplifiers and new speakers easier and more reliable, many companies make interfaces that work with factory-installed source units. You can build a custom car stereo solution if a product does not exist for your vehicle.

 Salespeople and installers can customize an enclosure that fits your vehicle perfectly and delivers amazing bass by using one of the various subwoofers and amps that are deemed safe for use on your vehicle.


Will It Interfere With The Battery And Charging Mechanism?

EV charging dashboard showing 54% charge
EV charging dashboard showing 54% charge

Hybrid vehicles have sophisticated electrical systems, whether they are Prius, Fusion, or Civic models.

In addition, you shouldn’t add too many electronics to the system as you could overload it and damage the electrical system.

A hybrid battery should not draw more than 30 amps, and your audio system should not exceed 350 watts RMS total output.

The good news is that you still have plenty of room for an upgrade to your vehicle’s sound system. It might be worthwhile to enjoy your drive more since you’ll be passing all those gas stations and spending more time on the road without a break.

The current draw of your car’s battery can be understood by comparing it to a water tank. Water in the tank represents the available power or voltage. Water flows through pipes at a certain speed, and the current draw is determined by how fast the water flows.

By observing how forcefully the water comes out of the pipe, you can determine the wattage of the current. In a hybrid, if the battery is drained too much to produce more wattage, there won’t be enough voltage to power other essential electronics.

Will It Damage Any Of The Car’s Electrical Systems?

Your car’s electrical system shouldn’t be damaged by the right audio system installed by the right person.

An incorrectly installed or wrongly designed system will cause damage to the vehicle. It is important to choose amps and subwoofers that are designed for electric and hybrid cars since not all can be installed.

Your vehicle’s audio system or equipment can be installed by someone who doesn’t only have experience with car audio systems, but hybrid or electric car audio systems.

Don’t be afraid to ask him or her about their experience. If you ask them for advice about what type of products are best for your car, they may be able to recommend specific products.

The sound on your vehicle’s audio often features a sophisticated system tuning, and many vehicles have an upmixer to ensure that you get good sound on every seat.

It is essential to have specific training and experience to work with these systems and to incorporate a digital signal processor. The shop you choose to work on your vehicle should be knowledgeable about these factory systems and your needs before diving in to install something new.

Can You Put An Amp In A  Tesla and Prius?

Tesla car interior with dashboard
Tesla car interior with dashboard

If you have someone who understands the electrical system in your electric or hybrid car and can install the amp professionally, it will be safe to add to your Tesla, Prius, or other electric and hybrid cars. 

The system should sound good without draining too much power from your car’s electrical system if you use a large amplifier that can handle the power.

When choosing an amplifier for your hybrid vehicle, make sure the one you’re interested in has a total fuse rating.

No more than 30 amps is allowed for the rating. Compact amplifiers are usually the best choice since they draw little current, are inexpensive, and can fit in tight locations.

How many speakers/subwoofers you want in your vehicle will determine the type of amplifier you need. In electric vehicles, you should only choose compact amplifiers because of the limited amount of space. Smaller amps consume less current and are better for batteries since they draw less power.

You can use a monoblock amplifier if all you want to do is power a subwoofer.

The 2-channel amp is best if you need only to upgrade the speakers. The 4-channel amp is best if you need to upgrade only the speakers. Alternatively, a 5-channel amplifier would be ideal if you plan on upgrading speakers as well as a dedicated subwoofer.

Subwoofers can be added to the mix if your speakers are using stereo power. Choosing a subwoofer capable of handling approximately 200 watts RMS or less and having a sensitivity rating of 90 dB or higher can assist in keeping current draw down. The fuse rating of your amplifier should not exceed 30 amps, once again.

Final Thoughts

Although an electric vehicle (EV) doesn’t offer as much customization as a regular car, you can improve your music experience by upgrading the speakers and amplifiers.

Since electric vehicles are fundamentally different from traditional vehicles, it wouldn’t be a good idea to attempt to install any of these audio components yourself.

A certified professional should be consulted before replacing factory components.

There are many simple details that can make a big difference in the performance of your system and the safety of your car.


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