What Is A Weblink In The Car? (Explained For Beginners)

We’ve all seen warnings against using our smartphones while driving a car as it poses a valid risk of an accident.

This is because we live in a connected world where our online presence is very important, and there is a constant urge to check our phones even during driving.

So how do we stop using our phones while driving if this online persona is so important?

There is a simple solution to this – Weblink.

What Is A Weblink In A Car Entertainment System?

Weblink is an application that is used as an integral part of the in-car entertainment or infotainment system. It helps bridge the gap between your smartphone and your car by allowing you to control and launch apps on your phone through your car interface. Once connected via Weblink your car infotainment system becomes your smartphone, so there is no need to look at the phone screen while driving anymore, reducing the risk of accidents while staying connected.

WebLink App logo and trademark
WebLink App logo and trademark

Normally, if your car stereo system consists of a dashboard screen, its main functions are playing music and navigating using GPS.

Weblink gives you access to many more apps on your phone so that you never need to look at your phone while driving – this increases both safety and comfort.

Simply connect your Apple or Android smartphone to the car’s WebLink-compatible multimedia receiver once you have downloaded the software, and then run popular navigation, media, weather, and calendar apps on your smartphone.


How Do I Use Weblink?

Now, many people might struggle with an application like Weblink since it can sound very complicated to connect your phone to your car.

However, there are a few simple steps that one needs to follow:

  • You first need to check whether your stereo system is Weblink compatible. There should be a certified Weblink logo on either the product’s packaging or your vehicle’s manual.
  • You must then download the application on your smartphone through Play Store(Android) or App Store(IOS). 
  • Connect your phone to the car audio system using either WiFi, Bluetooth, or a USB cable. Nowadays, most cars have various USB inputs, so you must make sure to put it in the right input as described in your user manual.
  • To enable WebLink on some car audio systems, you may have to change the settings in your car menu. Make sure that your car audio system’s WebLink settings are enabled, as indicated in your owner’s manual.
  • Once the connection is made, the car recognizes the connected device, and the phones that were earlier in your phone are displayed in the Apps section of the Weblinks app on your dashboard screen. The apps are not displayed for security reasons unless the phone is unlocked.
  • Even then, there is a limit to the apps compatible with Weblink; only those will be displayed on the screen irrespective of the number of apps on your phone.
  • Now that you can see the apps in front of you, you can easily click on whichever you want to choose and have a smooth and entertaining ride.

What Is The Difference Between Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Weblink?

The key difference between Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Weblink is that the former two have built-in software for navigation and voice control functions.

On the other hand, Weblink is an open-source system where only the applications on your phone are projected on it. Also, there are a lot of restrictions when it comes to which apps can be used through CarPlay due to Apple’s preferences. 

On the other hand, Weblink does not restrict any apps, and the only reason you cannot access an app would be due to compatibility issues.

A disadvantage of Android Auto is its accessibility. It is very difficult to operate using the touchscreen feature compared to Weblink, which prioritizes safety. It makes the touchscreen feature easy to use with large icons, so the driver does not get distracted.

However, no software can be perfect, and Weblink is no exception. Even though it prioritizes safety, it cannot compete with the quality of design and the speed of the other two software.

CompareApple CarPlayAndroid AutoWeblink
SoftwareProprietary Apple OwnedProprietary Google OwnedOpenSource
InterfaceUser-friendlyMostly User-friendlyLimited User-friendly
StabilityStableMostly StableLimited Stability
Third-party AppsRestrictedOpenOpen

Does Weblink Work With Phones?

The main purpose of Weblink itself is for users to be able to connect their phones to their cars.

Therefore, it is crucial that it works for all types of phones ( Android and IOS).

However, there are certain requirements that the phone has to meet as below:

iPhonesIOS version of 14.0 and above is required
Android phonesAndroid 7.0 and higher
Smartphone CPUCPU specification of 1.5GHz Dual Core
Smartphone RAM (Memory) 2GB
Other Smartphone hardwareHardware decoder
Touch control for WebLink CastWebLink Host software version 2.5.1 and above & WebLink Client SDK version 2.5 and above
Smartphone firmware To Support WebLink Client SDK version 2.5.1

What Apps Are Supported With Weblink?

Weblink supports many driver-centric apps that can be downloaded on your phone.

Some of them are:

  • Navigation and traffic management apps such as Glimpse and Inrix
  • Voice broadcasting apps such as Vobok
  • Parking apps such as Parkomedia and Parkme
  • Internet radio apps 
  • Weather apps

Final Thoughts 

Weblink has swiftly attracted a huge number of high-end applications such as Yelp, Inrix, Rdio, Accuweather, and others after a successful debut. It is swiftly gaining popularity and is being incorporated into many cars.

The luxury of a variety of apps on your car, at your fingertips, is something other software still strives to achieve.

With Weblink, there is no reason for you to look at your phone at all, irrespective of the duration of the ride.

This is the future and although it has both advantages and drawbacks, so does any other software.

It prioritizes your safety and your comfort, contributing to the in-car entertainment and helping you have an enjoyable ride.



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